Which vertical vacuum cleaner is better for choosing at home?

Keep the house clean is much easier – all kinds of modern household appliances help us clean dirt and dust, clean and wash, even disinfect. Particularly indispensable assistant is a vacuum cleaner – and we want to have a powerful and reliable machine for high-quality cleaning of your house. To help a massive and capacious classic apparatus come their more mobile and light counterparts – vertical vacuum cleaners. We have prepared several tips for our readers on choosing the optimal model, and also recommend reading the rating of the best vertical vacuum cleaners 2017-2018 before buying.

Why do I need a vertical vacuum cleaner?

Vertical vacuum cleaners – compact and manoeuvrable. They can be kept “on hand” for quick and local cleaning – crumbs are scattered in the kitchen or the child cuts colored paper onto the carpet in the nursery. Now on the market and on the Internet you can find a huge number of wireless models that work without a battery and help maintain cleanliness in the garage or car salon. Many motorists, for cleaning the salt, buy special vacuum cleaners .
With such a device cleaning in the house will be quick and easy. The main thing is to buy the really best vertical vacuum cleaner. About the most popular models, we’ll talk in our rating, and now let’s discuss the pros and cons of verticals

Distinctive features of vertical vacuum cleaners

vertical vacuum cleaner

As already mentioned, vertical models have a number of advantages over the more cumbersome “older brothers” – full-fledged vacuum cleaners. For example:

  • compact – the vertical vacuum cleaner does not take up much space;
  • light weight – such an instrument is easy to operate without fatiguing hands;
  • autonomy – wireless models will allow you to put things in order in those places where there are no outlets or in the event that in the midst of a general cleaning the lights were switched off;
  • efficiency – the device cleans carpets well and easily copes with dust and small debris in narrow corridors or furniture-lined rooms.


But some users note the loudness of vertical vacuum cleaners and low power. If you believe the reviews of buyers, then a large-scale house cleaning is best entrusted to a regular body vacuum cleaner, but daily cleaning of the carpet or car interior can be charged to a vertical vacuum cleaner.

What should I look for when buying a vertical vacuum cleaner?

You can arm ourselves with our top-sheet of the most optimal models of vertical vacuum cleaners and buy something in the store from the first positions of the rating. And you can spend a few minutes of free time and study the criteria that determine the quality work of a vertical vacuum cleaner to choose a truly productive household appliances for long-term use.

So which vertical vacuum cleaner is better?

  1. The best vacuum cleaner should be powerful. The more powerful the engine, the stronger the fan assembly inside the device, which means that such a device, without problems and delays, will suck small debris and dirt into the dust collector. But, studying the characteristics of a particular model, do not fall for the tricky trick – do not confuse the consumption of electricity with the suction power. The maximum efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is 800 watts. But more often, you can meet models with a suction power from 150 to 600 watts.
  2. The weight. Still, this is an important parameter, because in your hands will be the entire device. In our rating were both weighty models, and lighter, pay attention to this figure. Sometimes, a vertical vacuum cleaner has to be lifted and held by weight – for example, when it is necessary to collect cobwebs from the ceiling. Light model will not cause any inconvenience.
  3. Volume of the dust collector. Although you do not intend to vacuum a hectare of carpet daily, it is still better to choose a model with a capacious capacity for dust – 3-4 liters. There are models with a container or bag of only 0.5 liters or slightly more.
  4. Filters. They can be foam, fibrous, electrostatic, coal. The most effective are HEPA filters – porous membranes, which retain even the smallest dust particles – from 0.06 microns. But any of these filters must be cleaned regularly and changed in a timely manner – then you are guaranteed a quality cleaning and removing the unpleasant odor in the room. Models with different filters sometimes differ significantly in price, but, as a rule, modern filtration technology costs its money and quite justifies itself.
  5. Noise level. Vertical vacuum cleaners are noisy devices. But equipment manufacturers are constantly struggling to solve this problem, so some of the new items in 2018 can boast quite comfortable figures of decibels.
  6. Duration of autonomous work. If you plan to often use a vertical vacuum cleaner without connecting to the network – ask about the capacity of the battery and the time of recharging the device. As a rule, at the top positions of the rating of the most popular models for 2018 are vacuum cleaners capable of operating from the built-in battery for 20-30 minutes. This time is enough for the internal cleaning of the car interior or thorough cleaning of the large carpet.
  7. Equipment. Often, vertical vacuum cleaners are equipped with a floor / carpet brush. Sometimes, a slot nozzle, a dust brush, a turbo brush are included. In the latest top models of 2018, a turbo brush with a special pile for collecting pet wool and ultraviolet radiation for disinfection has been produced.

vertical vacuum cleaner-2

So, if you want to buy a high-quality vertical vacuum cleaner – you already know what to look for. And, there are some more important nuances that you need to know:

  • models with a dust bag become less powerful when filling the bag;
  • models with a cyclone container are traditionally more noisy;
  • it is better to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner and use it in the minimum mode, than to load the weaker motor.

We hope, our advice will help you make the right choice.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner for parquet?

For cleaning the floor with parquet coating use synthetic fabric materials made of microfiber and special detergents. The floor should be wiped dry immediately, leaving no streaks and marks. It is much easier and faster to use a vacuum cleaner for parquet.

We present the minimum list of recommendations that will help you when choosing: The presence of a special nozzle with natural nap; Pay attention to the wheels of the vacuum cleaner: on the parquet lacquer. There were no traces left, the covering of the wheels should be made of soft materials, preferably silicone; Choose a model with a power of 300 to 500 watts; It is recommended to purchase a flat brush of a narrow form, which easily reaches difficult places.

On the edging of this brush should be a soft shell of microfiber or silicone. Ultra-modern innovative products in the field of household cleaning equipment are produced almost every day.

Among vacuum cleaners for laminate and parquet there are types: for dry cleaning; for wet cleaning; compact and manoeuvrable robots-vacuum cleaners. Each of the species has its pros and cons. Obviously, depending on the destination, they vary greatly in price. So, conventional vacuum cleaners will be much cheaper than their detergents, used for wet cleaning of premises.