P3 P4960 v Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

This little guy works a lot. The first few times when I ran it, I was a bit disappointed, because the filter seemed to fill up frequently (in about 15 minutes), and it did not look like he was going to very much. The bunker had only a small amount of particles and very small hair. It also proved to be very inefficient (circling in the same small angular region for 15-20 minutes, without breaking off). However, after the first two attempts, robotic vacuum works longer (about 45 minutes, until it gets stuck) and definitely picks up more dust, dirt and hair. My only suggestion is that I diluted the filter, trying to clean it, and it allows more air, so it does not clog up so quickly. Now it will work almost until the battery is discharged and the filter will be filled with dust and hair when I empty it and reconnect it.

For reference, I use P3 P4960 daily in an area that is all parquet floors with one rug and several small carpets in the doorways and kitchen sink. All carpets have a low profile. This is an open floor plan design, including a dining room, a kitchen, a foyer and a living area, with a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1000 sq. M. He can not take all the rooms in one session, but I start it in different places every time. His weaknesses are the corners (he can not fully return to them), carpets (sometimes he can not overcome them, but when he does not suck in enough to really evacuate them) and low cabinets or furniture (especially near the rugs, he is like rule, is fixed and rises to 2-3 wheels). Although low suction is not effective for rugs, it prevents “retreat” and chases balls around the room. I usually run it when I’m at home, so if he gets in trouble, I just help him a little. Or, if it is stuck in one area, I move it to another part of the room.


We bought this product, because we have an old Bernese dog with 8 moles, which starts to wake up, as if it’s her job. We found that a vacuum cleaner or sweep almost every day. It took a long time, not how we wanted to spend our evenings, especially because she was afraid of a vertical vacuum. Although this product is not a complete sweeper / robotic vacuum cleaner, it provides a longer time between cleaning and less effort during cleaning. There is a noticeable difference in the amount of time I spend with a vertical vacuum: now only about once a week for 5-10 min, whereas before it was 2 times a week for 15-20 min with daily sweeping. Another bonus: our Berner does not panic about it. While she is not friends with him, she can stand on one platform while he works, and even pass him by (until he has aimed at her). It does not fall within a 10-foot radius of the vertical vacuum when it is turned on.


This thing still works well, and I use it, as shown below. For my purposes, although I need it to pick up more large debris and less dust. I first put a few holes through the existing filter with a plug in 4-5 places, and it raised twice as much! The next day, I just ripped out a normal filter and instead placed the mesh screen in place and set the filter frame on top of it to hold it. Now the thing rises 5-6 times more, P3 P4960 lasts 15 minutes, and it still actually gets most of the dust and small particles. I think while the filter will work for most applications, I use it several times a day in a restaurant setting, so I’m more interested in large pieces of debris such as rice, crumbs and random pieces of food, etc. Now it’s even better helps my specific goal. Modifying the filter reduces the load on the vacuum motor, which means that it works more cold and more efficient, which gives a longer working time in my situation (even when loading 2-4 hours). To be clear, it works fine as it is, it works fine with these mods.


Works well for our needs. I use it in a nonprofit nonprofit organization (camp to be specific), and I basically perform it while we restart the other parts of the room. Keep in mind that our room is set up for 400 people, so it’s pretty big, but this little guy seems to be doing everything right. To clarify a few things, you are surprised:

  1. These settings can not be controlled based on what I read in the description, I thought that the “settings” are adjustable, which is not the case. It starts in random mode, goes into a spiral mode, then goes to the angular mode, then back to the spiral mode, then repeats this sequence again and again. I did not stop watching him, but he seems to stay in one setting about 2-3 minutes before switching.
  2. I do not really blame him for 12 hours, as if I should every time I know this can change the battery life, but hey, I serve 3 times a day, he gets full charge at night , then maybe 2-4 hours between meals. When I do this, I still get a 30-minute work time and remember that my stumbles upon hundreds of chairs and corrects the course.
  3. For my application, I do not expect that it will get everything. He does a decent job, wherever he works, and gets about 80% of what I need. I really use it when I need to vacuum the floors between meals, but I’m tied to time. Whatever it was, I will not be later.
  4. It was said that it was good in my house when I checked it on the first day. I checked the corridor, the living room and the kitchen floor. Other reviews say that it is best suited for tiles or linoleum, etc. This was true on my carpet. I always have something for me to break out of.
  5. Cleaning, I pull out the tube and unload it, wipe it with a paper towel, and I wipe paper for filter paper with a paper towel. This article gets a lot of things, so I know that it works.

I would not have expected that he would take on a person’s vacuum cleaner, technology in general does not yet exist (anywhere). But for a family with 3 children under the age of 5, if I borrow this for a home, I know that it will vacuum all the rooms I need, well enough. As mentioned in other reviews, on the carpet it does not work very well, it works slower on my carpet, which is average, but almost doubled the cleaning speed when it was on my hard floors.

Currently, I’m thinking about buying a fleet of four of them and letting them all into our dining room.